Overlay differences.

Are you wondering which keyboard to choose, but you are still struggling with your thoughts which overlays to choose? Puddings, ABS or PBT? We will help to dispel doubts.

The choice here is basically simple - you can choose beautiful pudding caps or ABS and PBT caps. What is the difference between them? Firstly, in the price. Secondly, in appearance. The pudding will beautifully "spread" the RGB LED backlight over the entire keyboard, which will certainly add color and gaming character to the player's stand. Thirdly in quality - PBT overlays are the most durable and will wear out the slowest. However, ABS for many will be the optimal choice - they have good quality and do not drain pockets.

Recommended keyboard with pudding overlays: MODECOM Volcano Lanparty Pudding Black.

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