Membrane or mechanical keyboard? Which one to choose?

Surely you have heard a lot about membrane and mechanical keyboards. But you still don't know which one to choose and why? We are already rushing to help.

Membranes are certainly remembered by more mature computer users, while mechanics are certainly the domain of young people or students. The fashion in Poland for mechanical constructions began around 2016, when most manufacturers began to offer various types of mechanics. It even got to the point that a relatively simple mechanic could be bought in FMCG chains at a very low price. You can say that the world has gone crazy because of these mechanics, although probably not without reason. There are many advantages of using them and they have their strengths, which membrane constructions cannot boast of. Although the diaphragms themselves are not bad - they will work great for work and playing.

The most recognized mechanical keyboard for gamers by gamers and experts: MODECOM Volcano Lanparty BT.

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