Keyboard size - TKL, full size or maybe 65%? Choose wisely.

Keyboard size matters. Remember that there is no wrong keyboard size. It all depends on your needs and space on your desk. See how the keyboard formats differ.

Choosing a keyboard sometimes comes with habit. Some people, when they started their adventure with computers, worked with full-size keyboards, which is why all other sizes, such as TKL or 65%, are a kind of "degeneration" for them. We, on the other hand, can confidently put forward the thesis that you can have fun and work on a small keyboard. It takes some time to switch from the full-size construction, but if someone is familiar with programs from the MS Office environment, he will do many things using keyboard shortcuts or using the mouse. And there is no need to discuss which size is better - for many it is a matter of the amount of space on the desk and the general purpose of the keyboard. Therefore, choose a keyboard that you like and like.

Recommended full-size keyboard: MODECOM Volcano Hammer 2

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