The classic pork chop with potatoes and cucumber salad always tastes best.

We open the boxes

Just like you, we are computer enthusiasts and have built countless computers over the years. And since we professionally create computer cases, we know what features a good case should have. Of course, there are structures that please our eye, are "showy" and sometimes flashy. They may be liked, especially since there are different stages in life (from showing off with branded equipment, to making a reasonable choice that suits your budget), and the computer case does not need to be replaced every now and then. It's probably rare for us to buy a case on an impulse basis, which can happen with a mouse, keyboard or headphones. We decide on a new case only when we replace selected components or simply the entire computer. Therefore, our experience shows that the best choice is a classically designed housing. Because although each of us sometimes crave a burger, kebab or Chinese food, the classic pork chop with potatoes and cucumber salad always tastes best.

And this is exactly what the Volcano Expanse Apex ARGB case is. This is probably the "most correct" housing in our offer. It does not have such a bold and attractive front panel as the Volcano Perun case. It does not expose components such as Volcano Space or Volcano Panorama surrounded by glass. In the Expanse model, everything is created in a textbook way. So there is an airy front and top panel, ARGB fans with a controller as standard, and easily accessible dust filters. Additionally, the panels are mounted with latches, making it easier to install components or clean the interior. There is also plenty of scope for cooling configuration and fan installation, optimizing airflow throughout the computer. And this translates into work culture and noise in the room, as well as the efficiency and service life of components.

We have prepared it in two versions. They differ in the shape of the ventilation holes (and therefore in the number of dust filters). The Volcano Expanse T version comes from the word "Triangle". There are more dust filters in this housing because the triangular holes are larger than the Volcano Expanse S version. Here the letter "S" stands for "Square". Square holes are smaller than triangular ones and in themselves provide a great barrier against dust.

Volcano Expanse is the best example of how to make a decent and good case. Maybe without fireworks, but overall and in the long run it will be the choice you will be most satisfied with.