Enclose the computer in glass.

We open the boxes

A personal computer has long become an indispensable element of interior design. In the past, it didn't matter much what it looked like - a large CRT monitor in just the right color, a casing that wasn't too beautiful, and... a mouse and keyboard, of course - in the same color.

Computers have come a long way since then, as have accessories and the whole approach to hardware. They began to match the colors of the furniture, walls and even the floor. Modernity greeted us with glass and impressive backlighting. At the same time, the components have changed in design and have become simply attractive in appearance. Therefore, it is a pity to put them in a tight housing.

Following this trend, we have introduced a housing that meets all aesthetic criteria: two glass panels, impressively illuminated ARGB fans (in the case of the version with fans) and a modern design that perfectly fits the player's position. Volcano Panorama, because we are talking about it, is just what you expect from your computer. Especially when you have carefully selected the components and want to see from time to time how they generate frames in your favorite game.

Okay, but when you ask us why you should choose Volcano Panorama and not the competitor's product (because the competition also has two-chamber designs), we have a handful (if not two) arguments for Panorama. The first is the possibility of mounting motherboards with reversed connectors. If you are annoyed by the ubiquitous wires inside your computer, you can build it on a modern motherboard with reversed connectors that have an output to the service part. And there you connect everything to a vertically mounted power supply (the exception is the graphics card, but even here it is slowly starting to change). What's more? The side panels are mounted with latches. A quick movement of your hand and they are off. I don't think we know a more convenient way to quickly and easily clean the interior or replace a part. But this is not the end of the advantages, because what about four magnetic filters? Two on the side panel and one on the top and bottom. There is also a USB-C port on the control panel. There is also a fan controller that can handle as many as nine fans. And try to find such cool accessories elsewhere: a screwdriver, a soft cleaning cloth with a logo and a dedicated box for screws. You have to admit that Panorama is a pretty cool option for building a PC.

Volcano Panorama in fashionable white or exciting gray is available in several versions: Volcano Panorama Apex ARGB Midi is a model with pre-installed fans. You can choose from several options: 3F has three ARGB fans as standard, 5F has five, and 7F… seven. There is also Volcano Panorama NF Midi. This one has no fans, but it has the lowest price of all versions.