Play the way you like.

Keyboard alphabet

Play the way you like.

The differences between the switches are significant. The loud and tactile click of the blue switches allows you to feel when they are activated, reducing hand fatigue when typing. The brown switches have a quiet but noticeable moment of reaching the actuation point, being the optimal solution for gaming and work. Linear, yellow switches "go" almost "smoothly", thanks to which the pleasure of playing is at the highest level. The great advantage of these switches is also their quiet operation.

Exactly - each type of switch offers a different "feeling" and sound. What if you want to configure the keyboard with other switches, e.g. instead of WASD? Then keyboards with hot-swap technology are the solution.

Hot swaps without any compromises.

When you choose a keyboard, you choose one specific type of switch. Blue, brown, red, yellow - they are all built into a specific keyboard model by default. However, there are models of keyboards in which you can freely configure the equipment for your own preferences. MODECOM Volcano Hammer 2 RGB is such a model. Interchangeable Switches allow you to replace any Outemu Box Switch (this must be an Outemu Box Switch exactly) with a different model of Outemu Box Switch. Choosing a model with brown MODECOM Volcano Hammer 2 RGB switches, you get an Outemu Box Brown keyboard. And now you can play with keyboard customization, i.e. buy other Outemu Box switches available on the market. And so, in place of WSAD, put, for example, Outemu Box Blue, and in any other key, any other switch you think is right. And you don't need a technical degree or even manual skills, because replacing the switch is child's play. You just take the switch out and put another one in. Simple, pleasant and fast. And after such an operation, you have a keyboard perfect for everything - for gaming, work or study. And without any compromises.

Analogically to the MODECOM Volcano Hammer 2 RGB keyboard, the same technology has been used in the MODECOM Volcano Gamer 96 BT keyboard. The difference is that the latter model is equipped with Gateron switches.

How to replace switches correctly?

1. Make sure what type of hot swaps you have in your keyboard.

2. Buy a switch from the same manufacturer, in the same technology with the color of the switch of your choice.

3. Remove the keycaps with the keycap puller.

4. Remove the switches you want to replace with other switches. You can do this with tweezers.

5. Insert the new switches in exactly the same position you removed the old ones. The point is to fit the switch contacts in the correct place.

6. Put on keycaps.

7. Enjoy your own customized keyboard 😊