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The German company Cherry patented mechanical switches in 1984. This patent expired in 2004, and then a series of clone switches from companies such as Outemu, Gateron and Kailh were born, based on the same technological solutions as Cherry, but differing in the force of pressure and the subjective feeling of their operation.

The same can be said about the history of the automotive industry. In 1886, Patentwagen Nr. 1 designed by Carl Benz and it was the first car in the history of mankind. Over time, Mercedes-Benz cars have become a symbol of prestige, and the brand has been perceived as a premium segment for years. But despite this, looking at the classification of Formula 1 constructors, Ferrari has the most titles (as many as 16), followed by Williams, McLaren, Lotus and ... only since 2014 Mercedes has won the podium. Whether the automotive pioneer is the best car brand or not is difficult to judge unequivocally. It is worth adding that the World Car of the Year award (jury consisting of 82 journalists from 24 countries) in 2020 in the World Luxury Car category was won by ... Porsche Taycan. And in 2019 it was the Audi A7, in 2018 the award was won by the Audi A8, but already in the passing year 2021 the first place was awarded to ... Mercedes S Class.

As you can see, the automotive pioneer cannot boast of the largest number of awards or recommendations, but it is still the object of dreams and desires of many people. The same applies to mechanical switches - those based on Cherry designs are no worse, but still (like Mercedes) Cherry still maintains the psychological advantage of having something "premium". This is how the legend "it's good because it is" was created and it still sticks in people's heads. And don't get me wrong - I'm not saying Cherry is bad. I claim that clone switches are not worse or better, just different. It is worth giving them a chance - especially the Gateron switches - considered by many to be better switches than Cherry.

Which switch to choose?

Switches differ in operating modes, nature and pressure.

Source: keychron.com

Gateron switches can be found in two models of Volcano keyboards: Lanparty 2 (Gateron blue and Gateron brown) and Lanparty BT (Gateron yellow).

The specificity of the operation of the switches and the force of pressure allowed them to be classified according to the needs of users. And yes - the blue switch is loud and has a characteristic "click". Pressing it will clearly notify you of the activation of the switch. Although they are officially considered switches for work and writing, nothing stands in the way of occasional gaming on them as well. Especially if we are not "hardcores" and playing is a form of relaxation and rest, not screwing the results. The sound of the blue switches is clearly audible. It is worth keeping this in mind when someone is resting, sleeping or working next to you. You can hear the blue switches working like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-DgWIT5iVw#t=399s

Photo: manufacturer's materials - blue Gateron.

The brown switch - tactile - is the so-called touch switch. There is a noticeable resistance here, but there is no characteristic click, as with blue switches. Therefore, such a keyboard will be perfect for typing, work and gaming. It is also definitely quieter than the one on the blue switches. You can see how they sound in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pjcgNDzYsk#t=288s

Photo: manufacturer's materials - brown Gateron

One of the most interesting switches is the yellow Gateron. These are linear switches perfect for gaming. Soft, almost fluid and velvety, they provide adequately quiet operation and great "feel" for multimedia entertainment. Such switches are present in the Volcano Lanparty RGB BT keyboard.


Photo: manufacturer's materials - yellow Gateron.

Therefore, the choice is wide and depends on your needs and tastes. And that the Gateron is a great switch that stands on an equal footing with Cherry, we don't have to convince.