In search of features in the keyboard.

Keyboard alphabet

Keyboards don't have to be boring. In addition, they can have a lot of interesting and useful functions that will help in everyday use. This is the case with the Volcano Lanparty 2 gaming keyboard, which has something that turns out to be a practical solution when working or playing. And we are talking about additional "features" such as a volume control roller or an additional USB port.

Why do I need a USB port on a keyboard?

Lucky is the one who can put the case close to the desk and conveniently connect directly to the motherboard with the keyboard and mouse. That's why the 1.8 meter long cables in the Volcano gaming keyboards and the Volcano Shinobi gaming mouse come in handy. But what if someone has a computer set up in such a way that the mouse cable is barely enough to play freely? Then just plug the mouse into the USB port on the keyboard and voila! Ready - the mouse moves freely on the pad, allowing you to play the best.

You can also connect a power cable, e.g. a smartphone, to the USB port. However, it must be remembered that the amount of electricity to power the smartphone is enough to "maintain" its power, or at best to charge it slowly. But in many cases it's more than enough to talk without losing battery power.


Many modern computer speakers have a remote control that can be used to quickly change the volume. But how many times has it happened to you that the remote control is lying somewhere far away or perfidiously hidden somewhere on the desk? There are also speakers with a control panel in the column - this one is usually at your fingertips. But even this is not always possible, especially since when setting up the column you think about how to have convenient access to the knob. Anyway, there is not always enough space on the desk for columns to stand on it.

The roller located right next to the steering arrows is a really useful solution. You change the volume in an instant. Seriously - when you get used to using the roller, in the next keyboard without this function you will instinctively look for it.

It is worth choosing a keyboard (in this case Volcano Lanparty2 ), which has additional functions that help in everyday work or playing at the computer. If your keyboard has not had them so far, you can approach such "goodies" with some uncertainty. But we assure you - you will quickly get used to the good.