The thing about earmuffs, or silence like a poppy seed.

Music education

Sometimes there are days when all you want is to sit in "peace and quiet", i.e. ... play in front of the computer 😊 Sure, it's enough to eat Snickers and stop staring, but how many sweets can you eat?

But conditions don't always allow you to play calmly. A luxury is your own room or office in a detached house, but even here we can't escape the Saturday Turbo 3000 vacuum cleaner, which your other half decided to turn on just when you want to play in peace and quiet.

The situation is completely different in blocks with the so-called big slab. Whoever sat by the cast-iron radiator heard many conversations of the neighbors ... In addition, on a Sunday afternoon, you know perfectly well who will have pork chops for dinner, thanks to the sounds of the pestle spreading eagerly. Not to mention the noise of the Zremb elevator.

Mute yourself with headphones.

And in all this hustle and bustle of sounds, you just want to play or listen to music in peace ... Then headphones come in handy. In general, the rule is simple - the larger the earmuffs in which the ears "sink" inside and the thicker the material from which the earmuffs were made, the better. Better for sound isolation, of course, because in such a construction there is also the other side of the coin, i.e. sweating of the ears. But we'll get to that yet. For now, let's focus on the earmuffs. Their design and fit to the shape of the ears is a very individual matter. Something that will be perfect for one person may (but does not have to be, it is pure hypothesis) cause discomfort for another person. However, apart from the subjective feeling, let's focus on this eco-leather.

Soft and thick eco-leather in Volcano Shield 2 headphones.

First of all, eco leather.

Eco-leather is the most popular material in earmuffs. They really effectively isolate any sounds coming from the outside. Its effectiveness is, of course, also determined by the size of the earmuffs. The best effect is achieved with thick and large earmuffs - when they "envelop" the ear thoroughly, then the suppression of sounds from the outside is even more effective. You only need to remember one thing, eco-leather not only insulates sound, but also reduces air circulation. The larger the ear cups, the thicker the material and the more effective insulation, the faster your ears get tired and warm up. So something for something.

The optimal mix.

Earmuffs in the Volcano Prometheus headphones are a great solution. There, a mix of materials was used, i.e. eco-leather and fabric. The fabric is only on the outer part of the earmuffs and is in direct contact with the ear. In the further part of the earmuffs, eco-leather is used to isolate sounds from the environment. This is probably the best solution to cut off from the outside world to play in peace and quiet.

The optimal solution for silence and comfort in Volcano Prometheus headphones.