Primum non nocere, or how to build a gaming, home retreat.

Where the mice play

We don't always have ideal conditions for playing. It happens that other household members are bustling around us, the computer is in the room where someone is reading a book, or a child is sleeping. Sometimes just playing in silence is also comfortable for us - we don't have to listen to other household members that we just click and click. For us gamers, this clicking usually doesn't bother us. On the contrary, activating the buttons gives us clear information about what our computer character will do in the game. But we know that sometimes it is what it is, so ... let's choose quiet devices - they will allow you to play without disturbing the lives of other household members.

The silent killer, i.e. an inaudible mouse that everyone in the household will love.

To reduce gaming noise in some situations, it is enough to sit back and play strategy or city builders that use the mouse more than the keyboard. It is with home comfort in mind that a silent computer mouse for gamers comes. MODECOM Volcano Silent Assassin is a design based on silent switches. Of course, you have to get used to such a mouse, but it's not a special challenge. A few inaudible clicks and it's ok. And it has its undeniable advantages - the left and right mouse buttons make virtually no noise. You can click and click and the person sitting next to you won't even hear you play. And the MODECOM Volcano Silent Assassin model offers the same usability as other gaming constructions. It has RGB LED backlight, dedicated software, 6 programmable buttons and a good PixArt PAW3327 optical sensor

A silent mouse will also be useful for browsing websites or just for learning. If a girlfriend / boyfriend / husband / wife is sitting next to you with a book in his hand or a child is sleeping, you can safely play or work on the computer. You will not hear these ridiculous accusations that your gaming is annoying and disturbing.

A silent gaming mouse is undoubtedly a good solution when the computer is in a room where other people are present on a daily basis.