Practical pad design.

Small and large washers

The thing will be about the practicality of using the pad. But not some washer - we are talking about Volcano Erebus. And it's not about the material it's made of or its size, because that's not what this post will be about. It's about design and practicality.

The pad is available in two versions. The former is called Volcano Erebus and the latter Volcano Erebus Black. They differ in one thing - appearance. As you may have guessed, a mousepad with the name "Black" is just a black mousepad without any graphics. This overall elegant and minimalist design fits any desk and décor. If you are aesthetes, such a black pad will be a nice piece of equipment for a gaming station. It is modern, fashionable and universal - it may not have the "wow" effect, but the pad will not get bored.

The second pad, i.e. Volcano Erebus, has a rather bold manufacturer's pattern on the entire surface, i.e. the Volcano Gaming logo. Some people may find this design flashy, others will consider that this red and black does not quite match their favorite, e.g. blue RGB backlight on the mouse and keyboard. I know it's impossible to please everyone. But the pad has one advantage - it just gets dirty less. Although this is not entirely true - this dirt is there, but it is not so visible as on a surface of one color.

If you can't see it, it's clean.

A placemat of this size acts as a mini tablecloth. First of all, not only can a keyboard and mouse fit on it, it also covers quite a large part of the tabletop. Secondly, it is a nice accessory for playing or working because of its practicality. Let's not kid ourselves - probably more than once, not twice, there will be a plate with soup or fatty food on the desk, a cup of coffee or tea, or some can of energy. Not to mention chocolate bars, cookies, chips and other snacks. And here it is just a step away from accidentally spilling or staining the pad.

That's when the pattern on the surface of Volcano Erebus comes to the rescue. Red colors turning into different shades, plus red spots - it all adds up to a cool design that is supposed to trick our eye in a way and seems to scream "hey! I am really clean!” Therefore, placing a mug from which coffee "accidentally" spilled is not a big problem - on this pad you simply can't see it at first glance. It is safe to say that such pads are more practical than those without graphics. For people who do not like to clean often and want to keep a relatively tidier, bold design will be one of the reasons why they will choose it.

Of course, I encourage you to clean the pad systematically. Bacteria, food remnants or even exfoliated, dead epidermis found on it are nothing pleasant for our body. Therefore, take care of the hygiene of the position. But I understand anyone who, choosing such a pad with graphics, sometimes consciously "cheats" reality, keeping the seemingly more order on the desk 😉.

Natural "stains" keep the desk clean - especially when something spills on the pad.