Mr. Santa!

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Mr. Santa!

I am writing you a letter because I would like to receive Volcano gaming products. I know Christmas is just around the corner, but I would like to get nice products from you so that I could play Cyberpunk because I heard that they already fixed it and added cool DLC and that it's a cool RPG. And I've been good this year!

I would like to get a MODECOM Volcano Lanparty Pudding Edition mechanical keyboard . This white pudding keyboard looks really phenomenal, I would like my station to look beautiful and I saw that this keyboard could beautify my station. Or better yet, bring me that little Volcano Lanparty BT keyboard. I could play wirelessly using Bluetooth, for that I need nice switches for gaming, and I heard that it has Gateron yellow switches ... For such a keyboard I will kiss you Santa with all my heart!

For this keyboard also bring me Volcano Prometheus headphones. The white ones, of course, but if you give me black ones, I'll take them too. But give me white. They have a nice backlight, virtual sound 7.1 technology and they look really cool.

And if you bring a keyboard and headphones, add the Volcano Shinobi 3360 mouse. I need a light mouse with a PixArt 3360 sensor so that I can be good at Cyberpunk, because apparently there is shooting and fighting and running and driving and configuring the car and you can do implants, there is also an extensive character development system, and I really like such extensive RPGs. And this mouse would help me finish the game.

Finally, Santa, please bring me a placemat. I want that big Volcano Meru . It covers my entire desk and is waterproof, so if I spill something on the pad, it won't damage the desk. Plus, I'd have a lot of space to play! And I like it very, very, very much.

Therefore, Santa Claus, I am asking for these appliances. If you have anything else in your bag, a case or a power supply, I will gladly accept it. And I wish you a Merry Christmas and I never, never thought you were fat!