Ladies and gentlemen, this is dust

Small and large washers
01. 1.2024

Having a good computer is every gamer's dream. Not only for "hardcore" players who sweat all their components for as many frames as possible, but also for ordinary, casual gamers who want to enjoy good graphics and smoothness. However, this involves systematic "upgrading" of the equipment to keep up with the growing requirements of new game titles, and thus, significant expenses.

However, there is one thing that can always make every player happy and - most importantly - it does not drain their pockets. It is a mouse and keyboard pad. It gives an elegant and modern look to the entire stand, while having a positive impact on the aesthetics and protection of the countertop surface. Not to mention the fact that it contributes to the overall comfort of working and playing with a gaming mouse, increasing control and precision in your favorite games.

Made of durable and smooth material, it protects the countertop surface against scratches and minor damage resulting from e.g. mouse movements, while providing excellent protection against accidentally spilled liquid.

We realize that everyone has different desks and needs, which is why we dedicate the Volcano Hokori Elbrus mouse pad. However, if you need a larger size that can fit not only a mouse but also a keyboard, it is worth reaching for the Volcano Hokori Erebus . However, for people who need something really specific, we have a gigantic (because it fits the entire desk) Volcano Hokori Meru pad.

If we combine the whole thing with an interesting design, which is the new Hokori style (Japanese for "dust"), in shades of gray that match both black and white computer peripherals, you get a great element of gaming equipment. After all, the point is to spend good time at the computer... Volcano Hokori pads make this possible!