He's quite a jogger.

Where the mice play

He's quite a jogger.

There is probably nothing (maybe apart from headphones) that is more difficult to choose for comfortable and enjoyable gaming than a mouse. And so the number of preferences for the shape of the mouse, the feeling of the click, its volume, weight, the spacing of the buttons, and finally the sensor itself, or even the backlight, is as wide as the world. How many times have we heard questions about whether we will resume production of, for example, the Volcano GMX4 mouse, because "it's the best for me and that's it"!

Change the game, change the mouse.

Our new product has just gone on sale - the MODECOM Volcano Jager mouse. We will not list all its advantages here (because there are many of them), but we will focus on a few of them, starting with the possibility of changing its size. Yes, you're right, the Volcano Jager mouse has interchangeable panels - front and back, which allows you to change its size. Thus, you can adjust its shape to your own preferences and use this functionality in various game genres. Both in "lazy" city builders and in pressure-raising online FPS games. Moreover, by adapting the shape to suit the palm or claw grip, you will provide yourself with the comfort you are simply looking for. And all this without the use of tools, because replacing the panels is child's play and the second set of covers is included in the box.

And when the night comes...

Since we're talking about this childishly simple replacement, how about replacing the left and right mouse button switches yourself? Once you remove the front panel, just pull out the switches (no tools needed, just grab them with your fingers) and insert other switches (an additional set is in the box). And these other switches that we packed into the kit are quiet Kailh switches with a lifespan of 5 million clicks. Perfect when the night falls in the comfort of your home.

And if you decide that customization is your middle name and you need another solution, then just choose the best switch in your opinion and simply install it yourself. These are the advantages of hot-swap technology!

What kind of foils are they giving me here?

You open the box and a mouse appears. You reach deeper and there are some "foils" packed underneath. It's the first time you see them... Where should I stick it? What to do with this? Yes, open the front cover of the buttons and use one of them where the switch element meets the housing.

These are spacers that will make your gaming experience even better. The spacers included in the set vary in color and thickness. The transparent one is 0.5 millimeters thick, the yellow one is 0.6 millimeters, and the blue one is 0.7 millimeters thick. The pads shorten the switch activation route and thus provide an even better "feeling" when using a gaming mouse.

So much for so little.

And you will find even more delicacy in our wired gaming mouse. For example its weight - 69 grams. Therefore, with a clear conscience, it can be classified as one of those cool, handy and light mice. PixArt sensor? Of course it is. After all, a good and proven sensor is essential. RGB LED backlight? Oh how! Additionally, it is controlled from dedicated software, in which you can also program macros. And all this in a very original design, with yellow side buttons and a long 180 cm cable. And this price... Well, admit it, it's hard to find a better mouse for gamers than the MODECOM Volcano Jager.