Space casing

We open the boxes

We're not going to fool ourselves here, are we? When you build a new computer, there are actually only two available options for which you choose a new "box". The first is the appearance, and the second is the available budget after spending on the processor, graphics card and other "more important" components. Because can anything be more important to a gamer than a fast processor, graphics card and nvme drives? And the casing? Well, if it's under the desk anyway, what does it matter? Only then do you focus on solutions and functionality, well... unless you are a very conscious customer who carefully analyzes all the pros and cons. We respect that, but it's not always like that, is it?

What do we have here?

The new Volcano Space Apex ARGB Midi case is a case for those who buy with their eyes. And it can't stand under the desk. Therefore, you can change the I/O panel from the side to the front - whatever is more convenient for you. Volcano Space is an aquarium-type housing, which means that not only the side panel, but also the front one is made of tempered glass. This design highlights the installed components in the best possible way. This is especially true if you've spent a small fortune on a graphics card, processor, and motherboard. And since we are talking about the motherboard, you must know that there is no room for any compromises - in the Volcano Space case you can install boards with reversed connectors. What for? So that you don't have to look at tangled wires everywhere. Now they are in the service section, hidden behind the motherboard mounting plate, out of sight. Of course, you can also install "normal" boards. Besides, you can easily install whatever you like here, in this housing the panels are mounted with latches, so there is no tedious turning of screws. You grab the panel once or twice, remove and install any component. Easy? Sure, after all, we make new housings to make things simple, easy and pleasant.


Perhaps you are surprised by its price. Over PLN 500 for a housing from Volcano? Ok, it's more expensive than the well-known Volcano Amirani, but check for yourself how much four 140 mm ARGB fans cost in stores such as X-Kom, Morele, Media Expert, Alsen and others. Four pieces - purchased separately. You won't find anything cheaper than PLN 200, and there are models that usually cost around PLN 350 (as of March 2024). Which means you pay about PLN 200 for the housing. Sounds better? And now consider that it contains thick 0.8 mm sheet metal (it's really thick sheet metal), a fan speed controller, tempered glass on the side and front, and modern solutions such as a USB-C port or mounting panels with snaps. And you already know that you made a good deal by purchasing Volcano Space.

What is it really like?

However, if you are wondering whether the Volcano Space model is an "oven" because it does not have an airy front panel, you don't have to worry - tests by BlackWhite on YouTube ( ) and on PurePC ( ) show that it is here veeeery good. Three 140-millimeter fans on the side of the case pump cool air into the interior and effectively cool the computer, often outperforming structures with an airy front panel.

Cherry on top.

You also need to know that in the Volcano Space case we paid attention to details and nice additions. You get a screwdriver with the Volcano logo, a cloth for cleaning glass panels, a support for the GPU and a box for screws. We know that small things are also important and in addition to all the "meat" you get in the form of a whole range of advantages of the case, you also deserve the mentioned extras. We call Volcano Space our flagship product because it is a "must have" case.