Keyboard? Yes, but so fat.

Keyboard alphabet

So it happened. After years of working and playing on various keyboards, this lilliput appeared on my desk: a 65% format keyboard. Everything is fine, but what is it for? Who needs it? so small? Never in my life!

A quick glance at the desk. One will call it a mess, another a creative mess. And I just like having everything at hand. A cup or a glass? Is. Any papers or documents waiting to be dealt with? Are. Newspapers, magazines? Are. This kingdom is mine and no one else's! There must also be a place for a laptop, after all, sometimes you have to manage something on a portable computer. And on top of all this, you still need a place for a mouse and keyboard.

Tight… How about… going to the Bieszczady Mountains?

It used to be…

Once upon a time, a man had no choice - a membrane keyboard, a full-size keyboard and driving. It was fun to play without thinking about what will happen tomorrow. And in the meantime, studying, writing a diploma thesis, etc. Out of habit, the thought that if it is good, why change it for the better (or maybe it will get worse)? And the fact that the space for the mouse is almost gone, and the corner of the keyboard hits other objects ... who cares!

Little space? Now that's not a problem.

Times changes.

But over the years, technology has moved forward and the assortment and possibilities in choosing something different have increased. For a person who has spent his whole life with a full-size keyboard, switching to the 65% model will be a bit like a slap in the face. But it's a pleasant shock. First of all, because the mechanical switches in the Lanparty RGB BT are completely different than what I have dealt with so far. The yellow Gaterons give advice - their click is unearthly smooth, almost velvety. When you switch from blue switches, it's heaven and earth. Not that the blue ones are worse, none of these things, I just like the "soft" keystroke of the yellow Gaterons better.

Secondly, the size. I thought I'd need a number block. After all, sometimes I work in Excel on numbers and my hand just flies to the numbers on the right. And it's true - sometimes I miss it, but it's not something that I couldn't get rid of in favor of all other advantages. What's more? Quick access to quick save, i.e. F5. And since F5 flies quite often out of habit, the use of the FN + 5 combination is also something unnatural for me. On the other hand, it's the only function key I use, so "losing" the others is not noticeable at all. I'm also a big fan of strategy and economic games (which is where I spend the most time), and there's no need for a quicksave.

Either it's King-Kong's paw or this keyboard is very small...

It is also worth mentioning that the keyboard has a Bluetooth module, which allows you to connect to devices wirelessly (if they have it). That it's there doesn't really matter to me, but others will find a use for it. For me, wireless work is just an additional feature that I personally do not use.

Lotus Elise

To sum up - switching to Lanparty RGB BT is a good choice. For size alone and for switches. When I use it, my favorite ship class from the Star Trek universe comes to mind, the Defiant class escort. Everything in this small ship is packed with one goal in mind - to do as much damage as possible to the enemy. No unnecessary space for any crew quarters, large infirmary, etc. This ship is designed to quickly destroy the enemy with full power redirected to the weapon. And so it is with the Lanparty RGB BT - when I use it, I feel its strength under my fingers. And to illustrate this to fans of the new Forza Horizon 5 game - this is not a limousine like the BMW M5 or the Porsche Panamera. The power of Lotus Elise or Audi TT RS resides in it.