How will Volcano help with learning?

Music education

In these crazy times of the crown of the virus, we are facing the return of remote teaching again. This state of affairs may (although it does not have to) take place systematically in the future, depending on the number of infections or the efficiency of the medical services system. And since some of you are returning to remote teaching, it's worth looking at Volcano gaming products so that, apart from their main task (i.e. playing), they also help in learning.

Headphones come to the rescue.

The most important thing when learning, i.e. headphones. First of all, thanks to them, you will calm down from any other sounds in the room. If there is something that can distract you, comfortable earmuffs will effectively isolate you from the environment. Secondly, you will clearly hear people on the other end of the link. This will certainly contribute to a better understanding of the topic, allowing you to better assimilate knowledge. Thirdly, thanks to the clear and sensitive microphone, you will be able to talk comfortably without having to repeat your statements, which can be frustrating or irritating in some situations. Fourthly - the microphone switch is right at hand on the cable and you can turn it on and off at any time (this is the case with the microphone in the Volcano Prometheus headphones). So if you want something to happen that you don't want others to hear - you can quickly mute your sound.

The last advantage is their appearance. And these look great with RGB backlight - you can't see it, but your interlocutor can. So it's something to be proud of! In addition, this model weighs only 280 grams, so you can sit in the headphones for hours without feeling tired.

What's more, the advanced software will allow you to change the voice (recommended only in casual situations) and set other sound functions for the best understanding of the interlocutor. So also here during breaks or free time you can release your energy.

Similar usability is offered by other models, such as Volcano Shield 2 or Volcano Bow . All of them are comfortable, have a built-in microphone and are perfect for remote learning, but it is the Volcano Prometheus model that we recommend the most. They will simply work in any situation thanks to their numerous advantages, and besides, they will be perfect for playing when classes are over.