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The end of the day, you come back from school or work and after a few household chores you can play in peace. You start the computer, and of course there are several favorite games installed and a whole lot of titles that are nested in the so-called. "merchants of shame". You start the game and have fun - idyll at its best.

Choose gaming.

To play you need a mouse and keyboard and some audio equipment. These can be speakers (but then be aware that other household members can hear sounds from the game in the next room), or headphones (then you are completely cut off from the world). Of course, it is worth choosing the equipment that will best suit your gaming style. For all this, a nice mouse pad will come in handy. We have indicated, among others, what equipment is worth choosing and for what. in the "pick your gateron" blog post. There we described which switch is worth choosing and why. Regardless of what you choose - whether a full-size keyboard like Volcano Hammer 2, or a nice TKL (without a numeric section) like Volcano Lanparty RGB and, for example, Volcano Shinobi 3327 mouse, Volcano Prometheus headphones and some pad - the most important thing is that you have fun at your best.

Super-duper equipment and good fun.

The products in the Volcano Gaming line are above all well priced and are made to play any genre of games, from shooters to strategy. If you follow the CS:GO scene, you know that a player nicknamed "S1mple" was a key player and helped the team win the PGL Major Stockholm 2021. Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev finished the tournament with 72 eliminations to his name. You don't have to look long for what it plays on: a mouse for PLN 499, a keyboard for PLN 849. It's just that you have to look at some things from a different perspective. Therefore, ask yourself if you want to be like S1mple, or just want to play without spin for frags and stats. Because if you want to be "pro" then go ahead - free way. Spend a few thousand zlotys on computer accessories and play about 10 hours a day in one game to improve your skills. If you think that the equipment itself already guarantees a win and significantly improves the results, you may be disappointed. Of course, the better the equipment, the greater the chance of winning, but everything is in your hands - without skill you will not get a good result. The same is true in sports. You will buy yourself the best football shoes (read: the most expensive), some super-duper outfit that improves the body's aerodynamics, but without any skill you will be beaten by a first-league player in sandals. Don't get us wrong - we wish you to be even better than "S1mple" (if you want), just as we keep our fingers crossed for as many great jumpers as possible with the talent of Adam Małysz or football players like Robert Lewandowski. But there aren't many talents like that. And if after some time you discover your other vocation (you want to become an IT specialist or a lawyer), treat games simply as rest and fun.

Relax, just play.

Therefore, choose your equipment to feel good while playing, do not overpay for it if you do not need certain functions, and you will have fun without any spin. We are working hard to ensure that Volcano Gaming products offer as many useful features as possible also for those players who are thinking about a professional career in eSports. The Volcano Lanparty BT keyboard (short, Gateron switches with fast response time) or the Volcano Shinobi 3360 mouse (a great sensor for FPS) can be great for this. But when creating gaming products, we think primarily about having fun. We make equipment that we would like to have ourselves. We don't have to score the most frags and be "pro". It's not about having fun to prove something to someone.