Play for yourself, not for results.

Where the mice play
06. 6.2023

You come home after work or school. You turn on your computer and your favorite game. You don't think about breaking new records, you just want to have a nice time. You don't need top technological achievements, these fractions of seconds in games don't make much difference to you, because you play not for results, but for yourself - then the MODECOM Volcano Veles mouse is the best companion in your everyday adventure with your favorite computer games.

To be the best.

Achieve even better results, achieve greater achievements - this is often what we think about during multimedia entertainment. Especially when we play online FPS or other MMOs, which after the end of a round, raid or alert (whatever he called it), displays a table with the results of all game participants on the final screen. You can then see the number of frags, DPS dealt, amount of healing, etc. (depending on the game, of course). And what? Are you number one on the list? That's what it's all about!

There is nothing strange about this, of course, after all, it is nice to sit in front of the computer and show everyone who is the best. If we repeat these results, we feel inner satisfaction from simply being "good at these blocks."

We are not surprised by this approach, especially among those who are "frag hunters". How many times have campers been ahead in the number of frags scored among all players on the map? Some people may enjoy and enjoy this form of fun, but there are also those who just want to play, rest, relax, and not wait with every tensed muscle for a pixel to move on the screen in order to make an effective shot.

Man, don't be such a materialist. You need to chill out.

And this is where MODECOM Volcano Veles comes to the rescue. A gaming mouse for only PLN 69, which has a simple task - to provide as much fun as possible. It is perfect for city builders, strategy games, simulation games and others. It will also work well in shooting games and MMO games, but remember that to obtain the best results, e.g. the MODECOM Volcano Shinobi mouse with a PixArt 3360 sensor will be better suited.

The MODECOM Volcano Veles mouse can delight with its design, especially after dark, when its spectacular RGB LED backlight illuminates the gaming desk. Additionally, it is designed for right-handed players, allowing for comfortable, long hours of gaming.

The MODECOM Volcano Veles wired gaming mouse is a great companion during every game. Thanks to its comfortable design, it is also perfect for studying and working. High ergonomics, impressive backlight, dedicated software in which macros can be programmed, three side buttons (eight in total), good quality sensor and left and right mouse buttons with a lifespan of 10 million clicks - all this makes up a very successful design, which is MODECOM Volcano Veles.