100% gaming in 96% of the keyboard.

Keyboard alphabet

When looking for a good keyboard, we take into account many things - the type of switches, appearance, size, brand or price. And what does "good keyboard" mean? Is this the way from a well-known manufacturer and promoted by influencers? Or maybe one that will work flawlessly for several years? Or maybe one that pleases the eye and is fun to play and work with? This question, dear reader, you have to answer for yourself, because you know best what you mean by "good".

As we have been creating products for gamers for years, we also desire a "good" keyboard with which we will be happy to go on another gaming adventure. And here it is - MODECOM Volcano Gamer 96 BT - something different, something desirable...

The box itself heralds something different than what has been offered by Volcano Gaming so far. A completely new quality, great workmanship ... You can feel the breath of freshness at the first contact with the product.

At first glance, you can see that we are dealing with a full-size keyboard due to the numeric block available on the right side, but it is somehow ... different. It's all thanks to the 96% size, which is not very common these days. MODECOM Volcano Gamer 96 BT is a great choice for all those who are looking for a more compact design, with the simultaneous functionality of a full-sized keyboard. Plus a beautiful white color and gorgeous pudding keycaps with full RGB LED backlighting.

And what else in the new "Gamer"? Gateron Yellow Mechanical Switches, great for gaming and with fantastic functionality and a lifespan of 50 million clicks. And the icing on the cake is the ability to work wirelessly. Both using the 2.4 GHz transmitter available in the set, and through the built-in Bluetooth module. How many hours can you play without recharging? Over 100! And if you forget to charge during all that wireless gaming, the flashing FN button lets you know in advance that your battery is low. Of course, you can also work and play on a connected cable.

After thinking about it, we have to admit that MODECOM Volcano Gamer 96 BT was exceptionally successful. Of course, there will be those who may not like the keyboard (because tastes are not discussed), or they will start looking for the lack of additional USB ports (but with wireless operation, an additional port does not always make sense) or knobs, mini display, etc. But let's face it - Volcano Gamer 96 BT is a complete player. And at the price at which it is sold, there is simply no competition.